about me

branding expert • website designer • wife & mom


My name is Alicia. I am a wife, a soon-to-be new mom, a daughter of Christ, and an entrepreneur.

My passion is helping other solo-entrepreneurs find confidence, clarity and consistency in their brand so they can step more fully into their own calling, serve more people, and drive results in their business.



My Background

I’ve spent the last 8 years working in the branding and marketing strategy industry. After graduating college with a degree in graphic design I worked my way up in the corporate world and landed as an Art Director at a local marketing agency.

After a couple of years working in my dream job as ‘art director’, I found myself seeking more, desiring deeper fulfillment, more freedom and flexibility. I quit my full time job in 2017 after a childhood seed dream of running my own business finally took root.

After freelancing for a couple of years, I launched Rise Refined in the summer of 2018. I love that I get to combine my expertise in branding with a more strategic focus to help solo-entrepreneurs drive results and grow their business.  

daughter of god • wife • mom • goldendoodle enthusiast

My Favorite Things

Adventuring outside with our dogs Emmett and Sunny, taco bell hot sauce (I can eat it straight out of the packet), and the smell of lavender! 

My Why

I love helping people and I love vulnerable conversations. Conversations that peel back the layers and discover the center / true / authentic self and identity of people and businesses. I believe my calling is to use this gift and help people gain clarity and confidence so they can show up more fully in business and life and share their unique stories and gifts. I do what I do to help people grow themselves, their brand, and their business.

Personality Things

ENFJ  •  Enneagram Type 2  •  I-D (High Influence with a small Driver on the DISC assessment


I have a history of anxiety and panic attacks. Thankfully, I’ve come so far in my mental health journey and have found ways to stay in balance and embrace this part of me. 


I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Alicia. She created my website and has also been coaching me thru the marketing process. I am thrilled with the way my website turned out and even more than that, I appreciate her amazing support as I bring my vision to life.

Alicia has a very balanced way of working. She has a deeply intuitive and creative nature combined with the ability to provide structure, organization and practical know how. Her combination of personal qualities and polished skillsets has provided a nourishing container to express my inspiration and passion.

She is able to break the overwhelming process of starting your own business, into very digestible pieces. I have experienced many unexpected fears arise throughout this process and Alicia’s intuition coupled with graceful and direct communication has been invaluable in supporting me to move thru the inner obstacles.

In addition to her professional abilities, she is just a loving and joyful person to work with! At the end of each meeting I always feel motivated and inspired to take the next steps forward.

So much gratitude for her!

-Julie S.

Birthing Light


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