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gain clarity & confidence. attract clients. grow your biz.

branding is so much more than a logo.

Your brand is your reputation; it’s how people talk about your business when you aren’t in the room. It’s what people think and feel about your business. Your brand is so much more than just a logo.

The process of gaining brand clarity is magical- it has a dramatic effect on all areas of your business. It will boost your level of confidence, it will deepen your level of focus on your goals and it will strengthen your connection to your ideal clients.

Growth is a natural result.  



possible areas of refinement

  • Brand Discovery – Build a strong foundation for growth and a compass for strategy. We will clarify your vision, mission, and values.
  • Target Market – We will define your ideal target market, your customer’s pain points, and how your business can best serve your market.
  • Unique Value – Find confidence in knowing what exactly you are selling. Hint: It’s more than just the service or product you offer.
  • Brand Story – We will craft your unique brand story so you know how to authentically talk about yourself and your band in a way that connects and resonates deeply with your demographic.
  • Visual Identity – We will build out your full visual brand identity including: moodboard, color palette, font selection, custom logo, sub-logos, and style guide. Walk away equipped to visually represent your brand consistently. 


Packages will be customized

branding investment begins at $1,200


Generous Provisions

Jeri Ann came to me seeking a redesign of her brand. After being in business for 2-3 years she had found her logo and visual representation no longer aligned with her business; she had outgrown what she started with and she felt the disconnect. It was holding her back from authentically showing up for her people and the value she offered.

We refined who her ideal client was, her messaging and the value she offered her people. Once we saw clarity on the foundation we were then able to create a visual identity aligned to her brand.

The Result: A new name, tagline and messaging clarity, and a visual identity that resonated with her target market.


“I absolutely loved working with Alicia on my logo creation, brand development, and website design and creation. She helped me vision cast for the brand I was building, spoke through mission, vision and long-term goals of what I was wanting to accomplish, and gave practical ways to gain success in those areas. Her design was thoughtful and creative. She brought me multiple solutions which allowed me to consider differences and gain ultimately something that described my brand and mission so well.”

-Christian N.

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  • You don’t have a business yet, but you have an idea…
  • You have a business already but have never officially went through a branding process.
  • You have a business and a brand, but are craving More consistency and growth: think social media, story-telling, accountability, etc.
  • You have a business and a brand but are needing to refresh and realign it to match your current business and vision.
  • You are a business feeling stuck and stagnant and are looking to grow and gain back the energy, vision and focus you so desire.


daughter of god  •  wife  •  mom  •  goldendoodle enthusiast

My name is Alicia and I am passionate about helping you find clarity + confidence in your brand.

Branding isn't just about telling your story - it's about knowing your story, embracing vulnerability, why you do what you do, and communicating that authentically and openly with others. Authentic branding drives connection, it encourages and inspires, and it facilitates growth.

I want to help you find clarity, focus and help you show up and serve the people you are meant to serve.

Get back to the visionary perspective you so desire. 



find clarity + confidence  •  attract clients  •  grow your biz